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Venus, FL USA
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P&W Service Center
18442 County Rd 731
Venus, FL 33960
800-822-2180 (USA only)
Fax: 941-360-2207
e-mail: sales@pwservice.com
web: www.pwservice.com
Weekdays 9:30AM - 4:30PM EST
(Closed on major holidays)

Mobile Radio Antennas

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1/4 Wave

Unity gain, includes chrome base

UHF (RDE5485A) $16.75
5/8 Wave

Base loaded antenna, requires ground plain.

Low band $44.00
VHF (RDD5414) $46.00
UHF (RDE5487A) $31.00
3/4 inch hole mount

All brass, soldered lug, silver plated contact with 17' cable.
Hood/fender bracket

Trunk mounted  "L" bracket requires 3/4 hole mount (RRDN4927).
  Magnetic mount

Chrome plated brass and steel, silver plated contact with 12' cable.
Specify radio when ordering to ensure you receive the correct connector.