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P&W Service Center
1748 Independence Blvd B6
Sarasota, FL 34234
800-822-2180 (USA only)
941-360-2277 (Local & International)
Fax: 941-360-2207
e-mail: sales@pwservice.com
web: www.pwservice.com
Weekdays 9:30AM - 4:30PM EST
(Closed on major holidays)
To get your pagers reprogrammed or fixed download our repair form.

Did you know most repair shops that claim to "repair" Minitor pagers don't repair them? Most dealers actually send your Minitor pagers to the "depot" to get them fixed. Ever wonder why you get them back with the same problem or even worse, "un-repaired"? Every wonder why it takes so long and it costs more that you thought? It's because the dealer that's supposedly repairing your Minitor pager doesn't actually do anything. They just stick your pager in a box, send it off, and hope for the best.

So, what makes P&W different than those other pager repair places? We repair all the pagers here, in house. Nothing is sent out for repair to a 3rd party. Cut out the middle man and send your own pagers in for repair!

Just download our Minitor Pager repair form, then send your Minitor pagers to us for repair.
Pager type Repair price Housing price
Minitor V repair $92.50 $19.75 clip
Minitor IV repair $86.00 $52.50 back
$19.75 front
$7.50 door
Minitor III repair $76.00 $38.50 back
$11.50 door
Minitor II repair $67.50 $32.50 housing
$18.50 door
Kenote/PR3000 $67.50  
Advisor II repair $59.00  
Swissphone RE729/629 $95.00  
Swissphone DE920/900 $79.00  
Reprogram Motorola pagers $45.00  
Reprogram Swissphone pagers $57.50  
Reprogram Apollo voice pagers $57.50  
There is no bench fee to provide you with an estimate for the repair even if you decline the estimate.
We repair more Motorola pagers than listed above. To check the price for a specific pager model please send an e-mail with your question.
Housing price shown is with the repair of the pager. We will NOT install a housing on a pager unless it's serviced at the same time.
Price shown does not include housing parts or water/physical damage repair. Additional charges may apply.