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The 5 Problems everyone has when they call a Radio Dealer...

and how P&W solves them

1. Voice Mail - At P&W the phones are staffed from 9:30AM - 4:30PM EST Monday through Friday so you always reach a knowledgeable live person. While other dealers use voice mail, or even worse, an answering machine, at P&W you talk to a live person every time you call. 2. Haggling - At P&W we have standardized pricing that is published on our web site for everyone to see. Other dealers will "make up" a price for each customer based on how much they think they can charge you.
3. Invoice Shock - At P&W we have flat rate repair pricing rather than "time & materials". This shows you the exact amount before the repair starts. 4. Ten+ Years - This is how long we have been in business. Other dealers come and go, we are here to stay. Will you have a problem with your product 6 months from now? 3 years from now? If so, we will still be here for you.
5. One Man Band - At P&W we have sales people to sell products, technicians for service, staff for billing & shipping. Other dealers may have a receptionist to answer the phones (if you're lucky) and one guy to do everything else. This leaves you at the mercy of one person.

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