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Minitor VI file converter. Convert custom audio files for use with the Minitor VI Pager.

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This is a guide to program Motorola Minitor VI (6) pagers.

To program a Minitor VI pager you will need the hardware and software. The software can be downloadedNew Window from Motorola for free. The USB programming cradle is available to purchase. Buy it Now
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To program a Minitor VI pager follow the procedure described below.

  1. Insert a good battery into the Minitor VI pager and turn the pager off (not on)
  2. With the programming cradle attached to the computer, insert the pager
  3. Wait a few seconds while the computer detects the pager
  4. Read the pager
  5. If the pager fails to read, try again as the computer may not have found the pager yet
If you were successful you will see the following screen.

The "red text" are our comments.

The 2nd tab shown below is used to enter the options of the Minitor 6 pager.

Function switch announcements:
On: User will be notified of channel knob position with voice announcement.

On & On Reset: User will be notified of channel knob position with voice announcement and also upon release of Reset Button.

On Reset Only: User will be notified of channel knob position with voice announcement only upon release of Reset Button.

Off: User will NOT be notified of channel knob position with voice announcement.

The 3rd tab has the Minitor 6 function switch settings. The image below shows the 1 channel switch settings.

Announcement has 3 settings:
Standard: Announces the mode, frequency number and alert type that are programmed for current switch position.

Enhanced: In addition to the Standard announcement, announces On/Off Duty, Push-To-Listen, Priority Alert, and Privacy when programmed for the current switch position.

Custom: Plays the custom announcements stored. You can store up to eight different custom function switch announcements in the pager.

If you have a 5 channel pager additional function settings are available as shown below, including the scan settings.

The 4th tab is where you enter the Minitor 6 frequency and paging tones. Below are the settings for the 1 channel model. If you have a 5 channel model additional tabs will be selectable to the right of the "Channel F1" tab. The additional tabs look the same as the picture below.

At the bottom of the programming screen, click on "View Custom Audio" to add custom .wav files to the Minitor VI pager. You can add custom "beeps" when alerted and custom "announcements" when the selector knob is changed.

Note: Custom audio files can't be read from Minitor VI pagers. Thus you can not read one pager, then program a different pager's custom audio from the first. In other words the custom audio file is not clonable from one pager to another. You can have the custom audio files saved on a computer, then program all the Minitor VI pagers the same using the saved file.

The custome audio feature allows users to personalize the pager by programming custom .wav files for the function switch announcements, as well as page call alert tones.

The screen above is divided into two sections: the top section for personalizing the alert tones and the bottom to personalize the function switch announcements. The procedure to personalize the function switch and alert tone is same. The steps are as follows:

  1. Make sure that the .wav file you are using for customization is in acceptable format - it should be 8 KHz, mono, 16-bit PCM file with size less than 65 KB.
  2. Using the "Browse" buttons assign the .wav files to desired alert tone (Alert 1 through Alert 5) and/or function switch announcement (SW-A through SW-H).
    NOTE : Five default alert tones and eight default announcements .wav files are provided for reference purposes only, and are not intended to be used. The user is encouraged to use the .wav file of their choice to take advantage of this feature. The user can also listen to the current audio within the pager by clicking on the playback button under "Play Pager".
  3. Confirm that the custom audio files to be written into the pager have their box checked under the "Write" column.
  4. Once satisfied with the selection(s), click "OK" to exit from this screen.
  5. Write the custom .wav files to your pager by selecting "Write Custom Audio" under "Operations" menu or by clicking on the toolbar icon.
  6. Now your custom audio files are ready to be used, but they first need to be assigned to the call addresses under the "Channel" tab or to function switch positions under "Function Switches" tab in User Data window.

Once the .wav files are assigned, the user can try them out by playing the file through the PC by clicking on playback button under "Play File".

Note: Custom audio files CANNOT be read from the pager or codeplug archive file, and thus (unlike user data) are not directly clonable from a pager. However, once audio files are selected in the Custom Audio window, they can be written to successive pagers much like user data.