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P&W Service Center
18442 County Rd 731
Venus, FL 33960
800-822-2180 (USA only)
Fax: 941-360-2207
e-mail: sales@pwservice.com
web: www.pwservice.com
Weekdays 9:30AM - 4:30PM EST
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We sell Genuine Motorola Radio Accessories                    MotorolaOriginal.gif (5069 bytes)


Part Number Comment Price Picture online
HAD9338AR VHF - Heliflex 136-151 MHz $14.75 no
HAD9728B Tunable Antenna Kit VHF 136-174 MHz $14.75 no
HAD9742A VHF - Stubby 146-162 MHz $14.75 no
HAD9743A VHF - Stubby 162-174 MHz $14.75 no
NAD6502AR VHF - Heliflex 150-162 MHz $14.75 Picture
NAE6483AR UHF - Whip 462-470 MHz $14.75 Picture
8505816K24 UHF - Heliflex 400-440 MHz $14.75 no
8505816K25 UHF - Heliflex 438-470 MHz $14.75 no
8505816K26 UHF - Heliflex 470-520 MHz $14.75 no


Part number Comment Original Motorola Equivalent
HNN8133B High capacity 1200 mAh (fm approved) $109.75 $43.50
HNN8308A Medium capacity 600 mAh $89.75 N/A
HNN9628B High capacity 1100 mAh rapid rate battery $85.75 $27.50

Carrying Cases

Part number Comment Price Picture online
HLN8411A DTMF Standard Leather case with Swivel $54.75 no
HLN9008A Leather case with belt loop $45.75 no
HLN9009A Leather case with swivel $54.75 no
HLN9011A DTMF Leather case with swivel 1200 mAh battery $49.75 no
HLN9720A DTMF Standard Leather Case with belt loop $45.75 no
HLN9721A Slim Leather Case with Swivel $45.75 no
HLN9873A Standard Leather Case with Swivel $49.75 no
HLN9970A DTMF Standard Leather case with belt loop $49.75 no
HLN9985A Waterproof Bag with strap $45.75 no


Part number Comment Price Picture online
HTN9042A Single Unit Rapid Charger $69.75 Picture
HTN9060A Multi-Unit Rapid (90 minutes) Charger $399.75 no
HTN9748C 6 unit Rapid 1 hour Charger $475.75 no
HTN9702A Single Unit Standard Charger $29.75 no
HLN9719A Vehicular charger adapter/bracket 12 Volts for use with rapid rate chargers HTN9630A, HTN9802A, or HTN9803A $49.75 no


Part number Comment Price Picture online
BDN6647F Medium weight headset with swivel boom $125.75 no
PMLN5277C Heavy Duty headset with noise canceling microphone $459.75 no
HMN9021A Medium Weight headset over the head $199.75 no
HMN9022A Lightweight headset with swivel boom Microphone $249.75 no


Remote speaker microphone PWS-30 $27.75
Stone Mountain water proof speaker mic, plain full length cord  (For more specifications click here)New WindowPDF File SM1NXLXX $78.75

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Part number Comment Price Picture online
HMN9727B Earpiece without volume control $39.75 no
HMN9752B Earpiece with volume control $49.75 no
HMN9754D Two-piece surveillance microphone, push-to-talk and microphone are combined in one piece $99.75 no
We sell Genuine Motorola Radio Accessories

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