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Here at P&W we only sell Motorola original Minitor V batteries. Buy it Now

We have found that aftermarket batteries cause the Minitor V to intermittently power on/off. Sometimes the aftermarket batteries cause the pager to overload internally and go dead.
Minitor V battery cells Q: Are all Minitor V batteries the same?

A: No, knock off batteries use cheap cells. Motorola uses high quality Sanyo cells.

The picture to the left is the inside of a Motorola original Minitor V battery.
Minitor V battery original logo Q: How can I tell if the battery is an original Motorola?

A: The easiest way is to look for the Motorola logo and name molded into the battery. Knock off batteries will not have this logo.
Minitor V Motorola original logo Q: Can I tell if the battery is an original Motorola from the part number?

A: Not always. Aftermarket batteries often try to confuse the buyer by using the Motorola part number (RLN5707) or a number similar to Motorola (xxx5707).

You may see a battery listed as "replacement for RLN5707" or "replaces Motorola battery RLN5707" or "replacement Motorola Minitor V battery". These are ways of saying this battery is not a Motorola original battery.

To the left is a picture of an original Motorola Minitor V battery. Notice the "Motorola original" logo. Knock off batteries do not have this logo.