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Relm mobile radios

Relm RMV800 mobile radio

RMV800A/RMU800A mobile radio Features:

  • 512 Channels
  • 256 Programmable Zones
  • Alphanumeric Display
  • CTCSS/DCS/2-Tone Decode
  • Narrow/Wide Band Programmable by Channel
  • Front panel-programmable
  • Built in voice scrambler
  • Wireless cloning
  • Emergency siren
  • Optional 12 watt external PA speaker
  • Optional remote-mount control head
  • Data Port - MSK modem 1200/2400bps
  • Dual Priority Scan

With 50 watts VHF or 45 watts UHF of RF output power respectively, plus a 5-watt speaker and voice compander, these radios deliver clear, strong audio quality. And a 12-watt amplifier and an external speaker are available for operation in noisy conditions.

These new radios are specifically designed to be easy to use and custom-program to meet your individual requirements. Front-panel controls and the LCD display make it simple to select between channel number, frequency, or alphanumeric labels. You can assign one-touch control buttons to a wide variety of functions - scan control, emergency call, public-address operation, send page, and more.

RM800 Mobile Price

(Select Band)

All radios include: Standard microphone, Power Supply Cable, Mounting Hardware and a 2 Year Factory Warranty

Call for price

All radios include: Standard microphone, Power Supply Cable, Mounting Hardware and a 2 Year Factory Warranty

Call for price
Programmer package (software & cable) Standard Price 1-2 radios purchased 3-4 radios purchased 5+ radios purchased
$129 $110 $85 $50

Discounted prices above are with the purchase of one or more radios. All items are available separately but at regular price.

RMV800/RMU800 SpecificationsNew WindowPDF File

RMV800/RMU800 owners manualNew WindowPDF File

Relm RM 800 Accessories
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Antennas & Mounts
1/4 Wave

Unity gain, includes chrome base

VHF 18" (RDD5227A) $16.75
UHF 6" (RDE5485A) $16.75
5/8 Wave

Base loaded antenna,  requires ground plain.

VHF 42" (RDD5414) $46.00
UHF 10" (RDE5487A) $31.00
3/4 inch hole mount

All brass, soldered lug, silver plated contact with 17' cable.
Hood/fender bracket

Trunk mounted  "L" bracket requires 3/4 hole mount (RRDN4927).
Trunk lip mount

Chrome plated brass and stainless steel with 17' cable.
Magnetic mount

Chrome plated brass and steel, silver plated contact with 12' cable.
Other Accessories

DTMF microphone

Mobile Radio PC Programming Cable

Mobile Radio PC Programming Software
 LAA 0158

Low profile power supply 22 amp. 110/220 VAC