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Midland/Maxon Radio Features:

  • 2 Year Factory warranty
  • Low cost radios
  • Durable construction


Picture Model Watts Channels Price Comment
Mobile Radio

Maxon SM2500



25 watts 4 channels $249

Includes mic, mounting hardware, & cables

  • 25 Watts Transmit power
    Programmable for 1 or 25 watts by channel for optimum communication range from any location
  • CTCSS / DCS Tone Signaling
    Tones prevent reception of unwanted calls and increase call privacy
  • Data connector
    Provides easy access for audio and data applications such as mobile data terminals, telemetry and SCADA applications
  • Easy programming
    For convenience, radio personality is programmed through the microphone jack
  • Multiple scan modes
    Channel scan, priority scan and priority scan with look-back function


25 watts 4 channels $269

Includes mic, mounting hardware, & cables


Mobile Radio

sm4000.gif (6485 bytes)



40 watts 16 channels $319

Includes mic, mounting hardware, & cables


  • High RF output power 40 Watts
  • PC programmable, with easy to use software features
  • Channel scan with dual level priority
  • CTCSS/DCS tone signaling blocks out unwanted calls
  • Busy channel lockout prevents transmission on a busy channel
  • Time out timer prevents excessive transmission on a channel
  • Fluorescent channel display with dual intensity


40 watts 16 channels $339

Includes mic, mounting hardware, & cables


Base station



25 watts 4 channels $459
  • Uses one SM2500 Series radio for 25 or 40 Watts of power
  • 10 Amp power supply, 110V or 220V operation
  • Base station desktop microphone
  • Optional assembly and programming


40 watts 16 channels $579


25 watts 4 channels $479


40 watts 16 channels $499
RF Link Module

sd125.jpg (38511 bytes)

SD-125 1 or 5 watts 16 channels VHF or UHF

$229 each

  • Operating voltage 9 to 18V DC
  • Programmable 12.5/25 KHz channel spacing.
  • Time-out-timer
  • Cast aluminum housing with mounting holes
  • 9-Pin interface connector


Description Part Number Price
Heavy duty remote speaker AA-1470 $39.75
Heavy duty mobile microphone MA-4472 $59.75
PC programming software includes 3 1/2" disk and instructions. Cable not included. SPA-300 $99.75
PC programming cable for the SM-2150 and SM-2450 radios SMP-2000 $99.75
PC programming cable for the Sm-4150 and SM-4450 radios SPC-4000 $99.75


childsantenna.gif (9088 bytes) For mobile radio antennas click on the picture

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