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 Swissphone DE920
Swissphone DE900 Authorized Swissphone Dealer

Swissphone DE920 Specs
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Swissphone RE920 Features:

  • Rugged design (meets IEC 68-2-6) against Vibration
  • Water resistant case (IP52)
  • POCSAG format (512/1200/2400)
  • Narrow-Band available (12.5/25 kHz)
  • VHF or UHF
  • Large display with adjustable character size
  • Very loud alert beep
  • Extra strong pulsating vibrator motor
  • Built in time and alarm clock
  • Battery status indicator
  • Allow up to 8 weeks for delivery
  • One Year Warranty

The DE series of digital pagers is specifically designed for Hospitals, Fire/Rescue Squads and Ambulances. This pager is very durable with many features not found in common "consumer" pagers. Most digital pagers on the market today are "consumer" (i.e. personal pagers) which are not made to take the abuse that emergency organizations need. Most consumer pagers have flimsy housings, break easily and are generally unreliable in emergency situations. This is why the DE series is a must for these organizations.

Available in either VHF or UHF bands, the DE pagers use a standard AA battery and intelligent power options to attain a very long stand-by time. While the receiver portion of the pager remains active to detect any alerts, the rest of the pager enters a sleep mode and the display is switched off. An optional programming kit provides complete control over alert addresses.


Comment Price
1-5 Pagers
6-10 Pagers
11-19 Pagers
20+ Pagers
Pager only $215 $209 $205 $199
Pager only $230 $224 $220 $214
  • Standard charger and battery add $45
  • Desktop charger and battery add $75
  • Intrinsically safe version add $135

$6.75 each
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Quantity discounts available
Belt clip with spring

$24.75 each
Quantity discounts available
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Carry case with belt loop

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Standard charger

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Push button*

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Desktop charger

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Battery cover

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Front housing*

Replacement plastic front housing

Back housing*

replacement plastic back housing
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Programming kit

Hardware and software
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USB to 9 pin serial adapter includes installation CD for Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista. Tested and certified to work with the DE900/920 programming kit.
LCD Assembly*

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