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        Minitor VI Minitor V VP101 RE629 DE900

Below are the highlights of each of the fire pagers compared.

Minitor VI (6) pager: All of the Minitor 6 pagers include 16 minutes of stored voice. The pager comes in a 1 or 5 channel model. The standard Minitor VI comes as non-Intrinsically Safe but you can order an Intrinsically Safe version.

Minitor V (5) pager:  Voice storage can be ordered on the Minitor 5 pagers, which can store up to 8 minutes (8 - 60 second messages). All Minitor 5 pagers can vibrate and the two channel model can also scan (with or without priority). The scan and vibe function are programmable, so there is no extra charge for these features. If the Minitor 5 is ordered with one channel it can never have a second channel installed into it.

Swissphone RE729: This is a single channel or multi-channel pager. It has programmable tones and receiver board like the Minitor 5 pager. This pager is manufactured in Switzerland. This pager has been proven a winner for many years of use by fire departments all over Europe. This pager features many advanced features such as a water resistant case, smart charger, LCD display, battery status indicator, 4 minute stored voice (optional), vibrator, and many more.

Apollo VP101: This is a small compact pager. The VP101 has a volume knob on the top of the pager which also turns the pager on/off. All of the pagers include voice storage and vibrate as a standard features. This pager is fully synthesized, which means you can easily re-program it to any channel within it's band split.

SwissPhone DE920: This pager is a POCSAG (512/1200/2400 baud) alphanumeric pager. The DE920 is synthesized and functions similar to the Advisor pagers from Motorola.
Common questions and answers:

Q. What is a tone?
A tone is what makes the pager alert. There are usually two tones that are used in sequence to alert the pager. You can often hear them just before the pager alerts.

Q. Where can I find my tones?
If you don't know your tones you can check with your Chief or your Dispatch operator, they will usually know. If you have existing pagers such as a Minitor III or IV we can read your pager and retrieve your tone information. If you have a Minitor II pager you can disassemble the pager and read the tones yourself. Instructions are located on our website to read your Minitor II tones.

Q. What is monitor and selective call?
A. The monitor position, often called the "open channel" mode, will monitor all the traffic on the channel. The selective call position, often called "bell" position on the Minitor II pagers, is quiet until your specific tones are sent, then it alerts.

Q. What is 2-tone and POCSAG?
A. There are many formats(languages) pagers use, these are two common types. The 2-tone format uses an analog signal to send a series of tones which can normally be heard through your pager. POCSAG is a digital format used to alert non-voice pagers(i.e. sending a text message). These two formats are not compatible with each other. A system will be one type or another, but not a mix of both.